Join the Mwalimu Farm Community: Affordable 1/8 Acre Plots you need to know about.

January 11, 2024

Are you ready to become a valued member of the growing Mwalimu Farm community? Sunsera Realtors welcomes you to explore this exciting opportunity with affordable 1/8 acre plots, the benefits of joining the Mwalimu Farm community, highlighting features such as ready title deeds, flexible payment plans, and the convenience of immediate water and electricity connections.

Why Choose Mwalimu Farm with Sunsera Realtors.

Affordable 1/8 Acre Plots.

Discover the charm of Mwalimu Farm with Sunsera Realtors offering budget-friendly 1/8 acre plots. Experience the joy of property ownership without breaking the bank.

Ready Title Deeds.

Enjoy the convenience of ready title deeds, ensuring a hassle-free and secure transfer of ownership. Sunsera Realtors prioritizes transparency and efficiency in the land acquisition process.

Flexible Payment Plans.

With a deposit of 250K, seize the opportunity to secure your plot. Benefit from a flexible payment plan spanning up to 1 and 1/2 years, making your investment journey convenient and manageable.

Water and Electricity Accessibility.

Experience the luxury of immediate water and electricity connections at your fingertips. Mwalimu Farm ensures that essential utilities are readily available for your convenience.

Enhanced Security and Access Roads.

Courtesy of the Kiambu County Government, Mwalimu Farm boasts enhanced security measures and well-constructed access roads. Navigating to your plot is now a breeze, providing peace of mind for residents.

How to Secure Your Plot at Mwalimu Farm.

Simple Deposit Process

Initiate your journey with just a 250K deposit. Sunsera Realtors streamlines the deposit process to make your entry into Mwalimu Farm hassle-free.

Installments Plan.

Enjoy the flexibility of paying the balance in installments over 1 and 1/2 years. This extended payment plan accommodates various financial preferences, ensuring your investment aligns with your budget.

Immediate Connection to Utilities

Upon securing your plot, benefit from immediate water and electricity connections. Experience the convenience of utilities at your disposal as you plan and build on your new property.

Security and Accessibility Features.

Enhanced Security Measures.

Rest assured with enhanced security measures implemented at Mwalimu Farm. The community prioritizes the safety and well-being of its residents. There is an AP camp around the Area.

Well-Constructed Access Roads.

Navigating to and from your plot is made easy with well-constructed access roads courtesy of the Kiambu County Government. The infrastructure ensures a smooth journey within the Mwalimu Farm community.


Seize the opportunity to join the Mwalimu Farm community with Sunsera Realtors. Affordable 1/8 acre plots, ready title deeds, flexible payment plans, and convenient utilities await you. Embrace the prospect of a secure and thriving future at #MwalimuFarm, #Ruiru. Your dream property journey begins now!

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Affordable Plots in Mwalimu Farm – Ruiru East with Ready Title Deeds-you need to invest.What Are the Prices for Plots in Mwalimu Farm?
Mwalimu Farm Community.Panoramic view of Mwalimu Farm Community in Ruiru East, showcasing lush green landscapes, well-constructed access roads, and plots available for ownership. Explore the beauty and sustainability of Mwalimu Farm with affordable 1/8 acre plots from Sunsera Realtors.

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